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Asus RoG GL552VW Gaming Laptops Review


The Asus RoG GL552 is a mid-variety gaming laptop. It costs £899. That's proper, £900 most effective gets you a mid-range device in gaming computer land. However, it receives you strong performance with current games with out making pix sacrifices so principal they make it appear you’re gambling a PS2. There are numerous compromises to notice some other place, though.

Asus RoG GL552VW Review
Asus RoG GL552VW Gaming Review


The exact version of GL552 we’re reviewing is the GL552VW. It fees £899, but you may now find it discounted from outlets such as ebuyer, wherein you may purchase the GL552VW for £799.
This isn’t a modern day series so make certain you’re no longer by chance looking at an vintage version. Last year’s model is referred to as the GL552JX. Don’t always rule that out in case you discover a good deal, though. It has a better display than this one, using an IPS panel. Plus, the -VW model is likewise available with an IPS display in international locations aside from the UK.



The Asus RoG GL552 seems, appears like, and is, a younger brother to the top-cease (and chart-topping) Asus G752, reviewed. This  computer is smaller and cheaper, but nonetheless has a number of the same RoG-collection fashion.

It outcomes in a brushed metallic-style panel of plastic at the lid, used on many an Asus gaming laptops.

It’s all surface-degree posturing, of route, however then there’s nothing incorrect with looking your gaming pc to have a few flair. It weighs 2.5kg, so is some distance too heavy to take around with you in a rucksack each day, however easy enough to carry across the residence.

Asus’s G752 feels a chunk extra sturdy, a chunk more highly-priced (which it's far), however it’s most effective some thing you’d notice if you’d used each. Previous RoG laptops we’ve reviewed had been very solid machines that sense high-priced even though they’re product of plastic.
The plastic feels inexpensive here, mainly round the marginally flex-susceptible lid. The internal, in which construct topics maximum in a home-bound laptop, feels very solid, though. There’s virtually no flex, and the feel is more steeply-priced than the outside.

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In line with most of 2016’s new laptops, the Asus RoG GL552 has a USB-C port in addition to the types of connections you’d have visible closing 12 months. That consists of 3 enormous USBs (2x USB 3.Zero, 1x USB 2.0), a Gigabit Ethernet port and a significant HDMI socket.

There’s even a DVD writer optical power on the aspect for those who nevertheless like to buy retail video games or have a shelf of classics at domestic, and an SD card reader on the bottom of the front. It’s all you have to need.



The Asus RoG GL552’s keyboard and trackpad are a mixed bag. Starting with the coolest components, the keyboard is flawlessly exact.

It doesn’t have the extremely-deep action of the RoG G752, but feels particular and stable sufficient for a very good experience whether or not you’re gaming or typing. The key feel has a smooth edge to its click on, but isn’t remotely spongey. The pink backlight is ideal too, making the keys clean while being much less distracting than a preferred white backlight.

The trackpad is extra tricky. It’s an amazing size, however the comments and button format are questionable.

Rather than simply clicking on touch, there’s a ‘pre-click on’ sector, a soft element to the pad journey before you hit the real button. While faucets in this zone register just as you could ‘click on’ simply by means of tapping lightly on maximum trackpads, it’s no longer how maximum folks use our pads.
This gentle quarter makes truely urgent the button sense stiffer, like greater of an attempt. Asus has additionally split the pad down the middle, making it smooth to by chance press the proper button whilst you imply to press the left. It’s traumatic and may take some time to get used to. Higher-stop RoG laptops use separate mouse keys below the pad to keep away from this genuine hassle.


The Asus RoG GL552 has a fifteen.6-inch display screen and, like Asus’s different gaming laptops, it has a matt end rather than the extra trendy glossy fashion. This makes reflections much less obvious, with a moderate trade off in how plenty photo ‘pop’ colorations have.

In brief, it isn't as right as we might need for this charge. But that has little to do with the display finish. While some of the GL552 versions use an IPS panel, this one has a TN version. This is the screen technology utilized in maximum laptops and monitors 5 years old or extra. TN’s main problem is negative angles viewing, and even with the brand new 'modern' TN displays, that quandary hasn't been conquer: it's inherent with the generation.

You can flow to the left or proper of the Asus RoG GL552 and its display will appearance pleasant. However,  observe it from better or decrease than rectangular-on and it’ll appear either very washed out or dark, as if a shadow has been solid on the screen from the interior.

You might also locate this disconcerting in case you’re used to the wide viewing angles of maximum pills, wherein screen excellent is typically very hight in recent times.

The TN panel additionally impacts color. It covers just fifty seven in step with ent of the sRGB coloration gamut, 39.Four percent of Adobe RGB and 40 percentage of DCI P3. Colours don’t appearance all that punchy as a end result. Asus has made the most of an uninspiring panel, even though, with exact calibration ensuing in a Delta E of 0.23.

Contrast and maximum brightness are pretty bad too, even though. The display ramps as much as a just-good enough 230cd/m, that means this isn’t a pc you’ll be capable of take out to apply within the park on a sunny day. But let’s be honest: have been you thinking about doing so before this point? Its constrained comparison additionally makes the G552 much less than ideal for looking or gaming in dimmed lighting fixtures. The raised blacks are quite apparent.



One of the exquisite matters approximately buying a mid-range gaming laptop as opposed to a penny-pinching one is that you get the additives required to make an all-spherical great PC. An SSD is a critical addition, making the entire machine experience loads quicker day-to-day although it will generally most effective extensively affect load speeds and (every so often) texture pop-in in video games.

The GL552VW on take a look at right here has a 256GB SSD, as well as an old-faculty 1TB hard drive. This is a fantastic mixture. You get enough area at the SSD for the OS and the video games you’re currently gambling, plus masses of room for your music and video series, which might be a waste of rapid SSD space.

This laptop additionally has the identical CPU you might locate on a gaming computer twice the rate, an Intel Core i7-6700HQ. It’s a quad-center processor clocked at 2.6GHz, designed for strength in place of battery sturdiness.

It scores a solid 3102 in the PC Mark 8 Home benchmark and 12432 in Geekbench 3 (3164 unmarried-center), which isn’t even that a long way behind the 13823 of the Asus RoG G752. In pure energy phrases, you could absolutely use this as your sole PC and be satisfied with the results, except you need the extra energy you get with computer-grade chipsets. Most humans don’t.

The GL552VW’s portraits card is wherein we head again to performance more commensurate with the fee. You get a GeForce GTX 960M, which is a center-rating card and probably the first-class healthy right now for game enthusiasts who just can’t manage to pay for top-end hardware.
Its outcomes are, thankfully, quite good. This isn't always a computer that will will let you play all the present day games with settings maxed-out, however you ought to be able to play most at 1080p and also have them appearance right. In Thief, for example, the GL552 hits an average of 62fps at low settings, 720p. It’s perfect speed, but much less-than-best visible first-class.

At 1080p with the whole thing maxed, the average is 28.2fps. It’s playable, however while the body rate dips to 21fps every now and then, you might need to simply nudge back among the visible settings to ‘mid’ as opposed to ‘excessive’. It can do justice to the game, though, making it look similar to what you’d see from a PS3 or Xbox One.

Our Alien: Isolation test flew with the aid of even at max settings, even though, coping with a median 53fps at 1080p, and 130fps with the settings pruned proper returned and the resolution set at 720p. This is ideal degree of overall performance for a person who likes gaming but doesn’t want to have to remortgage their house simply to afford a suitable laptop.

For an improve to the following stage of pace, you’d possibly need to pay nicely over £one thousand. It’s now not powerful sufficient to shape the base of a VR setup, although, and isn’t going to look too warm two years down the road.

Under stress GL552VW doesn’t end up sounding love it’s operating too hard. The enthusiasts run constantly but are very quiet beneath mild masses, and only kick into critical spinning while you’ve been gaming for 20 minutes or so. Their tone in no way becomes too demanding: no troubles there.
A giant quantity of warmth is pumped via the vent on the left facet of the GL552, however at least this isn't always the side you’d use a mouse.

It’s a terrific job this pc isn’t inordinately noisy because the speakers aren’t too awesome. They’re not especially loud and their sound is pretty skinny. These are lavatory-preferred computer speakers, not ones with a piece of greater gaming/enjoyment pizzazz.
One aspect you need to by no means expect in a gaming computer is good battery lifestyles. These machines aren’t supposed for complete days far from the energy socket.

Playing video returned at 120cd/m display screen brightness, the Asus GL552 remaining four hours 50 mins. This is a reasonably standard performance for a gaming computer, and is likewise no indication of ways lengthy it’ll last when really gambling either. Make the GPU paintings hard and it’ll likely be useless inside ninety minutes.

The message is apparent: don’t purchase the Asus GL552 or some thing like if it you want a computer that’ll remaining for a complete day’s work as you sip coffees in Starbucks.

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