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Asus RT-AC53 WLAN Router Firmware Free Download

Asus RT-AC53 WLAN Router Firmware Download

Asus RT-AC53 WLAN Router Firmware Free Download
Asus RT-AC53 WLAN Router Review and Download
Asus RT-AC53 Router Review - ASUS RT-AC53 is a very low cost wireless router and plenty of folks who want to store cash and enjoy a fairly speedy network, might bear in mind purchasing it. This router promises to give you all the basics you need for a wireless network in your house, support for the modern MIMO wireless switch generation, useful functions like a VPN server or Parental Controls, all at a totally reasonable fee. If you are curious to learn whether or not ASUS RT-AC53 plays properly and it is a great suit for you, study this specified review.

NOTE: This evaluation does no longer observe to ASUS RT-AC53U. That device has a completely exclusive hardware configuration in addition to many one of a kind functions.

Unboxing the ASUS RT-AC53 Dual Band AC router

ASUS RT-AC53 is one of the maximum lower priced wi-fi routers made by way of ASUS and its packaging is simple and simple. The container may be very much like that of other ASUS routers, presenting a image of the tool at the top and a list with its maximum crucial functions.

Inside the packaging you'll find the router, the energy adapter, a community cable, the short setup manual, the guarantee and other leaflets. There is no guide disc protected.

Hardware specs and layout

The hardware specifications of the ASUS RT-AC53 wi-fi router are modest: it features a unmarried-middle MediaTek MT7620A processor, jogging at the 580 MHz frequency, 64 MB of RAM memory and 8 MB of storage space for the firmware. The 3 external antennas are very tall and they cannot be detached from the router. Two of them deal with the two.4 GHz wi-fi frequency and one among them of the five GHz wi-fi frequency. We found this a bit abnormal considering that most contemporary routers awareness at the 5GHz frequency, because it may provide quicker WiFi connections.

ASUS RT-AC53 gives guide for all of the current networking requirements, along with 802.11ac and 802.11n. The theoretical bandwidth is of three hundred Mbps for the 2.Four GHz frequency and of 433 Mbps for the five GHz frequency, leading to a total of 733 Mbps. This router offers 1 Gbps stressed out Ethernet connections but it has most effective two Ethernet ports alongside the one for connecting it to the internet. On the lower back aspect of the router you may additionally discover the electricity jack, the Power button, the WPS button and the jack for resetting the tool.

In phrases of size, the router is not very big. It has 12.Fifty nine x 7.Forty eight x 1.37 inches or 320 x 190 x 35 mm in width, intensity and top. The antennas are very tall though however however, the general weight is pretty small at 0.Sixty two lb or 285 grams. Users will respect the fact that this WiFi router has mounting screw slots on the bottom so that it is able to be established on a wall.

Setting up and the use of the ASUS RT-AC53 Dual Band AC router

Setting up the ASUS RT-AC53 is not a difficult component to do. You ought to location it wherein you need to use it, join it to the net, flip it on and then join it to a pc or computer from which to run the initial configuration. The setup wizard is easy to apply and it starts offevolved via asking you to change the default username and password for administering the tool. Then, it detects the type of net connection which you have and asks for the suitable connection information. Once this is out of the manner, you can set the call and password for the wireless networks which are broadcast through the router. At the very end of the wizard, you are shown a precis of your settings.

Next, you must get entry to the management consumer interface and get into more superior settings. The person interface appears the same as on all other ASUS routers and it's far organized the identical way. All settings are prepared in a logical way and you won’t have any problem in finding your manner.

The consumer interface is to be had in 14 languages, which you may see underneath.

One beneficial function is that help is without difficulty available: if you don’t recognize what a putting does, flow the mouse cursor on top of its call and, if you see a query mark displayed, click the left mouse button. Then, a tooltip is shown with more information approximately that setting. Advanced customers may be pleased by using the distinct degree of manage they get. If you want to, you could set the whole lot approximately the operation of the ASUS RT-AC53 WiFi router.

When you are achieved putting the whole lot, you must join all of your computers and gadgets to the network this is managed by means of the router. We have been able to share files and folders over the community, do media streaming, use a wi-fi printer and more. However, at some point of our testing period, we observed transient drops of the wireless signal, that usually lasted multiple seconds. Unfortunately they have been as a substitute common, specifically in the rooms furthest from the router. Also, at the same time as the velocity of the wi-fi network became first-class within the rooms closer to the router, in those similarly faraway from it, the signal strength become vulnerable and the speed we received became very variable. Sometimes the wi-fi community could perform thoroughly and a couple of minutes later it might slightly work. These troubles seem to be firmware related. The hardware at the ASUS RT-AC53 is able to supply stable wi-fi network connections at excellent speeds. Hopefully, destiny firmware updates will restoration those issues.

Setting up the ASUS RT-AC53 wi-fi router is fast and easy. The multi-lingual support is ideal, help documentation is without difficulty to be had and advanced customers get designated controls. However, the firmware has a few balance troubles that affect the wi-fi network. Hopefully they may be fixed in destiny updates.

To examine greater approximately the real-international overall performance provided by means of this router, in addition to our very last verdict, examine the next page in this review.

Firmware Download Asus RT-AC53 WLAN Router 

Download Here firmware Asus RT-AC53 for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-64 bit)
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Download Here Asus Device Discovery for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32-64 bit)
Download Here firmware restoration Asus RT-AC53 Version for Windows (32-64 bit)

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